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Why RFID Protection?

RFID cards transmit radio signals that can be intercepted by criminals to gain access to your card information using a handheld RFID scanner. Vulnerable RFID cards include payment cards, passports, hotel room key cards, drivers licenses and more.

How Shieldtek’s RFID Blocking Technology Protects

Unlike RFID blocking wallets, Shieldtek™ allows you to store your cards in your existing wallet. By simply placing a Shieldtek card on both sides of your RFID cards as shown above, you have the ultimate in easy RFID protection. Shieldtek cards are layered with a specialized metal RFID blocking technology that is both thin and flexible, perfect for any wallet.

Shieldtek Provides RFID Protection for:

  • Hotel Key Cards
  • Secure Access Cards
  • Employee IDs
  • Payment Cards
  • Passports
  • Drivers Licenses
  • And more

Shieldtek Promotes Business

Promote your business with Shieldtek RFID blocking cards. Shieldtek cards are affordable and provide long-lasting exposure for your brand, making them the perfect promotional product for your business or organization. Printed on high-quality PVC, Shieldtek cards can be customized with your logo and message for use at trade shows and other promotional events.

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