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When a code is required to access the card value, custom scratch offs are the perfect solution. Scratch off card printing has been used in the phone card industry for decades, and is now gaining popularity with gift cards and loyalty cards. We can tailor both scratch off size and placement on your custom scratch cards.

Both rectangular and circular scratch offs are available. There is a 10,000 card minimum for circular scratch offs, which can be ordered in a custom size. Order custom scratch off cards.

Scratch Off Sizes*

Standard Gray

Gray 1364 x 3564 in (5 x 14mm)

Gray 1364 x 2532 in (5 x 20mm)

Gray 1364 x 5564 in (5 x 22mm)

Gray 1364 x 1132 in (5 x 26mm)

Gray 1364 x 1316 in (5 x 30mm)

Gray 1364 x 14964 in (5 x 45mm)

Gray 1564 x 2532 in (6 x 20mm)

Gray 1564 x 15764 in (6 x 48mm)

Gray custom diameter circle

Zebra Pattern

Zebra 1364 x 5564 in (5 x 22mm)

Zebra 1364 x 1316 in (5 x 30mm)

Zebra 932 x 138 in (7 x 35mm)

Zebra 716 x 13132 in (11 x 50mm)

*Image sizes on screen are not actual.
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