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Raised embossed lettering, such as names and member numbers can be added to the plastic cards we print*, as well as on predesigned cards. Embossed numbering is what you see used on credit cards and membership cards. Embossing plastic cards is the process of applying machine-readable characters to a card. The characters are stamped into the back side of the card, and are visible on the front side as raised characters. Embossed plastic cards are perfect for membership cards and loyalty cards, but can be used on any card. Buy embossed cards.


Tipping is the application of color onto embossed text**. Gold and silver are the standard colors used in the tipping process. However, other colors are available.

  • Black
  • Gold
  • White
  • Silver


  • Embossing is available on CR80 size cards only
  • OCR fonts only
  • Embossed character sizes: 3mm or 5mm (no letters on 5mm size)
  • Special characters are limited to: – / . , ” & ()
  • Character limits (including spaces): 3mm: 21 characters; 5mm: 19 characters
  • 30 mil card thickness only
  • Not available on blank or preprinted card orders

*Some print options or print option combinations are not possible due to card thickness and other factors. Please contact us to verify which print options will work for you.
**Tipping color samples are for reference only. Final printed color may vary.

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